“Proposals for Separating Money and Politics”: High Level Contents

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Proposals for Separating Money and Politics

The book is essentially finished. However, the publisher could change the title or the contents. In the book, I examine proposals from John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison. And I tie them to the writings of many other great thinkers. After that, I tie all those ideas together as the basis for some proposals of my own for separating money and politics.

The high-level table of contents for the book is provided below. You can click on any of the “Part” titles below to see the detailed contents for that Part of the book. Similarly, you can click on an image (except for Parts V and VI) to open a new browser tab with info related to that image.


Magna Carta and U.S. Constitution

Chapter 1 – An Entirely New Conversation

Part I: James Madison and American Federalism

James Madison

Chapter 2 – Federalism versus Anti-Federalism
Chapter 3 – National versus State Sovereignty
Chapter 4 – A Proposal from James Madison

Part II: John Adams and the Balance of Power

John Adams

Chapter 5 – A New Look at Federalism
Chapter 6 – The History of Mixed Government
Chapter 7 – A Proposal from John Adams

Part III: Thomas Jefferson and Tri-Federalism

Thomas Jefferson

Chapter 8 – Consolidate or Divide Power?
Chapter 9 – A Fork in the Road
Chapter 10 – A Proposal from Thomas Jefferson

Part IV: John Adams and Political Economy

John Adams

Chapter 11 – Old Societies and Old Balances
Chapter 12 – The Great American Experiment
Chapter 13 – Modern Societies and a New Balance
Chapter 14 – A Warning from John Adams

Part V: Proposals for a Tri-Federal System

The Tri-Federal System

Chapter 15 – Policy without Politics as Usual
Chapter 16 – The Stewards
Chapter 17 – Sovereign Citizen Bodies
Chapter 18 – The Community
Chapter 19 – The State and the Nation

Part VI: The Tri-Federal System

The Tri-Federal System

Chapter 20 – Allocating Jurisdiction to the Groups
Chapter 21 – A Thought Experiment
Chapter 22 – Addressing the Goals of the Proposals
Chapter 23 – Implementing the Tri-Federal System
Chapter 24 – Conclusion

This site is for discussing how to improve our political system. It is NOT for discussing party politics or political figures. So if you have a non-partisan question or comment, feel free to leave it below.

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2 thoughts on ““Proposals for Separating Money and Politics”: High Level Contents”

  1. John, I just stumbled upon your site and am in awe of the amount of effort that you’ve put into research. I am curious about the status of your book and also a bit dismayed that there doesn’t seem to be much traffic on your site. This kind of discourse is exactly what we need right now and I’d like to help. Thank you for what you’ve accomplished so far!

    • Thank you, Brian. Please stay in touch. I am polishing the book and hope to start looking for an agent in a few months. The website is secondary, my concentration is on the book. The website will be a repository for responses to the book. What I really want is a nationwide conversation for how to fix our systemic problems. Partisan politics are not solving anything except making politicians, journalists, and others richer. If you have any ideas of your own about solutions please put them here. And direct your friends here as well.


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