Part I: James Madison and American Federalism

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James Madison

Chapter 2 – Federalism versus Anti-Federalism


  • America under the Articles of Confederation
  • The Founders and the Constitutional Convention
  • Adams, Jefferson, and the Constitution
  • James Madison’s Quest
  • Madison Discovers David Hume
  • Majority Rule and Minority Protections
  • The New American Federalism
  • The Anti-Federalists
  • The Anti-Federalists’ Predictions

Chapter 3 – National versus State Sovereignty


  • The Bill of Rights
  • The Unresolved Question of Federalism
  • The National Government Expansion
  • The Birth of America’s Political Parties
  • The Alien and Sedition Acts
  • Thomas Jefferson and the Kentucky Resolutions
  • States’ Rights and the Prelude to War
  • The American Civil War and Federalism
  • Minority Rights and Majority Rule
  • Federalism and the Intent of the Founders

Chapter 4 – A Proposal from James Madison


  • James Madison’s Self-contradiction
  • Madison and the Virginia Resolution
  • Madison’s Ingenious Insight
  • Who Gets to Make the Final Decisions?
  • Is Our Sovereignty Divided or Surrendered?
  • The Effects of the Election Process
  • From the Eighteenth Century to Today

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