Part III: Thomas Jefferson and Tri-Federalism

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Thomas Jefferson

Chapter 8 – Consolidate or Divide Power?


  • Central Control or Local Control?
  • Conventional Wisdom or Haldane’s Principle?
  • Big or Small Governments?
  • Unity or Diversity?
  • Individual or Community?
  • Alone or Together?
  • Does Technology Work Against Us or For Us?
  • Compliance or Freedom?

Chapter 9 – A Fork in the Road


  • The Consolidation of Power into the Center
  • From Consolidation to Corruption
  • From Corruption to Abuse of Power
  • From Abuse of Power to Tyranny and Injustice
  • The Separation of Power out to Communities
  • From Community to Local Sovereignty
  • From Local Sovereignty to Self-Government
  • From Self-Government to Liberty and Equality
  • The Two Choices before Us

Chapter 10 – A Proposal from Thomas Jefferson


  • Citizens and Local Government
  • Direct Democracy
  • Jane Jacobs’ Vision for Community Government
  • The Chaos of Our Current System
  • Communities as Units of Culture
  • Citizen Control versus Expert Control
  • Local Sovereignty and Federalism
  • A One-World Government is Beyond Our Reach
  • From Bi-Federalism to Tri-Federalism

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