Part V: Proposals for a Tri-Federal System

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In this part of the book, I propose a candidate tri-federal system, based upon the foregoing proposals of the founders. “Tri-federal” means a government system composed of three independent types of sovereign government: national, state, and local community.

John L. Estes' proposals

Chapter 15 – Policy without Politics as Usual


  • Should We Replace the U.S. Constitution?
  • “With Infinite Caution”
  • Simple First Steps
  • The Source of Our Freedom
  • John Adams and the Third Ingredient
  • A Third Ingredient for the Modern World

Chapter 16 – The Stewards


  • Introducing the Stewards
  • A New Wall of Separation
  • Divide and Conquer
  • Money and Politics
  • A New Embodiment of American Society
  • Social Transformations

Chapter 17 – Sovereign Citizen Bodies


  • Combining Jefferson’s and Adams’ Views
  • Oversight by the Three Social Groups
  • Responsibilities of the Three Social Groups
  • Citizen Rotation
  • A Madison-Inspired Proposal
  • The National Sovereign in Operation
  • The Laborers’ Part of the Tri-Federal System
  • Completing the Tri-Federal System
  • Picturing the Embodied Society

Chapter 18 – The Community


  • The Current Condition of Education
  • The Community Laborer Sovereign
  • Community Governments and Laborers
  • Local Citizen Sovereign Operations
  • The Natural Size and Scale of a Community
  • How Should We Map Out Our Communities?
  • Associations of Communities

Chapter 19 – The State and the Nation


  • The Capitalists Social Group
  • State Governments and Capitalists
  • The Stewards Social Group
  • The National Government and Stewards
  • Interactions of the Three Social Groups

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