IX.5: The Genius of Henry David Thoreau

Thoreau was a unique American whose philosophical writings have heavily influenced movers and shakers throughout the globe. Henry David Thoreau has influenced everyone from Mahatma Ghandi to Leo Tolstoy to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He was an avid abolitionist, a passionate naturalist, a contemplative philosopher, a brilliant essayist, a diligent student of the human … Read more

VI.5: The Ninth and Tenth Amendments

The founders presented the U.S. Constitution to the state ratifying conventions in the 1780’s. Many state conventioneers only signed it on the condition that a Bill of Rights would be added. So James Madison added a Bill of Rights. It included the first eight amendments that guarantee specific rights. He also added two general amendments, … Read more

II.3: Liberty plus Equality

Are we too cynical to even try to imagine what greater liberty and greater equality together would be like? Maybe our current system only seems so wonderful because it’s so much better than the empires and feudal systems that existed before. Maybe it’s only our lack of vision that makes us think we can’t have … Read more

I.2: How Can We Separate Money and Politics?

We tend to waste time, money, and energy attacking the symptoms of problems and ignore their root causes. What is the root cause of most of America’s problems? I believe it is government corruption. Moreover, I think that happens because we don’t know how to separate money and politics. The love of money is the … Read more

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