XI.4: Big Government or Big Business?

America is fiercely divided today just as it was in 1861 at the start of the American Civil War. One of the many issues that divide us today is whether our society should be led by big government or big business. Can we have a “free market” if we’re led by big business? Most people … Read more

X.5: Make the Rich Pay Their Fair Share of Taxes?

Politicians love to promise their constituents that if elected they will make the rich pay their fair share of taxes. They say they will raise the income tax rate for high income earners. And this promise will generally net many votes, and maybe even a little revenue, but the problem is it won’t make the … Read more

I.3: American Society’s Most Fundamental Needs

Humanity’s biggest problem is human nature. But humans cannot change human nature. So, to meet American society’s most fundamental needs, we need a government that restrains our nature. And compared to history, our government does a marvelous job of that. But by any absolute standard, our government fails to stop corruption. That tells us that … Read more

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